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When the calm go crazy...

I'm a huge introvert, but the fact that I can say this may mean that I am not one (WHATEVER!)

Some more about me:

My life is quite a mess. I have things to do before I die, but I don't know how to do them without becoming a part of the system I hate with a passion.
I believe we are far from free. We are prisoners and slaves to a materialistic society based solely on money. The more you have the better you are. This is not true at all. I might have material possessions, but they are objects that have a special meaning to me because they touch my soul and my heart and speak to me. The ones I have that don't do that I didn't really want and I could easily live without.
I am a strange creature most of the time. I don't quite consider myself human, but I am definitely more human than I want to be.
I am multi-talented. I can play bass guitar (a little), I can draw quite well, I can write well and I can paint well enough.
I am very creative. I have a large collection of poetry I have written in the last couple of years of my journey. I am busy writing a novel. I enjoy drawing little characters or pictures that represent how I feel. I haven't painted much, but I have a few good ones. Painting is one of my talents I don't use much so it surprised me when I did a couple of really nice paintings.
I love music. What I listen to I FEEL. It reaches deep inside and runs through me. I can't write music, but I love to listen.
I'd say that's all, but there is so much more to me that I think I will keep locked away.