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And if I had a choice....

I do in some ways.

I had a choice whether to post this here or on.... Facebook. I decided here was better since Facebook is pathetic and the notes function is not taken seriously enough.
It's like MySpace over there. Eurgh.

I've been cleaning out my room, getting rid of old junk and making it look a lot cleaner so I can actually enjoy living in it.

I've come across some odd, interesting and possibly life-altering things.

One: I found a list I wrote about talking. It was probably as punishment but I thought it was an interesting find since I have no memory of ever writing it.

Two: I found some old pieces of art that I have decided to keep and do up nicely in Photoshop. They could be good for my portfolio.

Three: documentation about something fictional that seems to predict our immediate future. I'll be reading through that completely later on.

Four: a schoolbook of my brother's. It must be from grade one or two. In it he wrote, "I don't like it when my brother kicks me." Shit....

Those are the highlights of cleaning out my room. There's been some other stuff but mostly just rubbish that is getting thrown out or recycled.

Now to make another choice....
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